If you are running a small business like a Pub, restaurant, Pizza chain, laundry services or any other shop, you must pay attention to small business SEO. There are a lot of mistakes made by small business owners while doing SEO of their websites and these mistakes can really hurt your business reputation online.

If you want to score more customers, you don’t need to put large billboards on the road sides anymore, doing small business SEO the right way could be enough to bring plenty of new customers at your door step. In this post, we are going to focus on 5 mistakes that are often made by small business owners while doing SEO of their websites.

Small Business SEO Mistake # 1: Ignoring Local SEO

The first thing that you should consider in small business SEO is the local search. It has been noticed that people will search for a business that offers their required services in their local area before searching for a business that is operating off-shore. Small businesses want to grab as many customers as possible but while doing so they forget to pay attention to what people in their local area are searching. While doing SEO of your website or hiring any SEO expert, you must make it very clear that your website should show up in top results for local searches.

Small Business SEO Mistake # 2: Ignoring Social Media

You should keep in mind that the people in your local area are also using social media websites. By setting up profiles/ pages at different social media platforms, you can give your customers a chance to engage with you in a convenient manner. While there are a lot of other marketing strategies in your bucket list, social media marketing should be one of them. This is one of the cheapest and easiest way to bring your business closer to your customers. Make sure to have your business present on famous social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc.

Small Business SEO Mistake # 3: Duplicate Content

If you are going to publish duplicate content on your official website, it is better to have no website in the first place. If your website contains duplicate content, no matter how hard you try to rank higher in SERPs, you will never succeed. You may not have the skills to write fresh, unique and engaging content for your website but you can always hire someone to do this job for you. As a result, search engines will pay high regard to your website and you will see enormous results coming your way.

Small Business SEO Mistake # 4: Not Posting Consistently

Keep in mind that search engines only pay attention to those websites/ blogs that are updated on regular intervals. If you published some new thing on your website a month ago and after that, you never shared anything, it will have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. You should always be sharing something new with your readers through your website/ blog. Same goes with your social media profiles, keep them updated, share new stuff with your fans/ followers. This will not only increase the user engagement but your site will move higher in search engine results pages too.

Small Business SEO Mistake # 5: SEO Is Quick

If you are thinking that SEO is only onetime quick job and once you will optimize your site for search engines, it will keep ranking higher in result pages then you are wrong. SEO is a continuous effort just like marketing. You always need to keep paying attention towards changing SEO trends and making your website compatible with latest updates issued by different search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Search.