When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter are considered as the two biggest battle fields. Facebook has a complete and organized marketing solution for your website but at the same time, Twitter is not far behind as well. Facebook and Twitter marketing is considered as essential for any business’s online marketing.

Many website owners find it hard to run Facebook and Twitter marketing campaigns and since they know very little about both platforms, they often fail. If you will keep the below tips in mind, it will be very helpful for you to run successful Facebook and Twitter marketing campaigns.

Facebook and Twitter Marketing Tips

Facebook and Twitter both are very different social media platforms and they also get different kind of audience as well. As a business, your customers are not only using Facebook but Twitter as well. It simply means that you have to be present at both platforms for your customers and facilitate them in any way possible.

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to market your business. On this social media network, you can get millions of people to like your page, come to your website and buy your products. To add some spice in your Facebook marketing efforts, read the tips given below.

Don’t Stick To One Topic

It has been observed that while marketing business online, page owners just stick to one topic that is related to their website. While you should always be sharing interesting information about your products and services with your fans/ followers, it is equally important to share different other interesting things as well. Instead of posting just a picture of your new shoe product, try to tell a story with that picture. This will engage your fans and you will get better following.

Put As Much Content As Required

Facebook allows you to write as much about anything as you want. However, it doesn’t mean that you start writing long and descriptive status updates because no one has enough time to read your extensive statuses. Add as much content to your post as it needs. Try to be brief but while trying to be brief, don’t miss important details. If you need to write a long message, make it interesting, compelling and attractive.

Know Your Audience

In Facebook and Twitter Marketing, you need to know your audience. Since you are moderating the Facebook page, you know what kind of content your fans like so you should always share what they are looking for. If you will share irrelevant stuff on your Facebook page, the fans will lose interest and eventually they find another page where they can find information they are looking for.

Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter is the second largest social media platform in online world right now. As described earlier, Facebook and Twitter are two different social media platforms but since your customers are using both these networks, you need to market your business equally.

Tell a Story

Twitter allows you to write only a short message in one go, you are restricted to 140 characters only. It simply means that you cannot write an entire story in one tweet but you can tell a story with just one sentence. Luring audience on Twitter depends on your creative skills. If you can be creative enough to tell a story in just 140 characters, you can be a hero on Twitter.


Another important thing to keep in mind while running Facebook and Twitter marketing campaigns is right use of hashtags. Twitter was the first social media website to use hashtags but now you can use them on Facebook too. There should be at least one relevant hashtag in your tweets so people can search them easily.